• „After taking the MSPI and having an in-depth discussion with SportsDrive on the assessment results, our team was better prepared and more mentally focused for the start of the soccer season. The team went without a loss for 11 straight matches.“

    Rolf Piranian (Washington and Lee University – Head Men’s Soccer Coach)
  • „The MSPI is the most unique assessment I have seen in the field of sport psychology. It allows me to gain a deeper understanding of an athlete’s mental approach to his or her game and build development programs with them individually or in a team environment.“

    Dr. Rick van Haveren (licensed sport psychologist, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • „For me, the MSPI development exercises have helped my mental approach to training sessions, and even more so, bettering how I’ve performed in previous races.“

    Marcus Filipek (triathlete, Atlanta, Georgia)
  • „In the 4 months since taking the MSPI and applying the development exercises, I have reduced my handicap from 8.4 to 5.5. My positive mental approach to the game has helped immensely.“

    Brad Mitchell (amateur golfer, Alpharetta Athletic Club)
  • „Although my results from the MSPI assessment were fairly strong, I did recognize an ability to learn from mental lapses in key matches and analyzing what went wrong directly after the match. Documenting the lapses and preparing for similar situations has strengthened my mental approach in key performance situations.“

    Bucky Corban (former professional soccer player, Wilmington Hammerheads & UNC-Wilmington)
  • „The results from my MSPI assessment revealed I was struggling with coping under pressure at key points of my volleyball matches. The exercises from SPORTSDRIVE have taught me how to avoid stress and anxiety right from the start and learn how to handle this much better. The self-confidence and relaxation techniques have helped me get a grip on any fears in competition.“

    Kirsten Schultz (NCAA volleyball player)
  • „Thanks to the extensive feedbacks of SPORTSDRIVE assessments, we are able to assist our athletes more capably and more specifically regarding their individual needs.“

    Thomas Grimminger, Head of the Olympic Training Center Stuttgart (Germany)
  • „It is noticeable that the feedbacks greatly motivated the athletes to work on themselves. This helps them to perform stronger during competitions – and more and more athletes finally break through.“

    Raik Tietze (Norwegian Martial Arts Association, Head of Junior Talent Program)
  • „Working professionally with a team starts by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each individual player. This is the only way we can make the right decisions and be permanently successful.”

    Oliver Braun (Sports Manager of the New Yorker Phantoms Braunschweig, Major League Basketball , Germany)

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