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For personal trainer, sport psychologists, fitness club owners, or for occupational health management in an organization, it is important to reach out and adapt to different personalities, needs, and goals of their clients or staff. In the fitness sector, or in recreational sports, athletes are primarily motivated by achieving something – muscle gain, weight loss, health, fitness and agility, or even friendships, sense of belonging and self-esteem. How well certain sports or fitness methods suit these goals depends mainly on the specific desires of each individual.


Comparable to how some people are good in throwing or running, there are others who can be completely absorbed in one movement, teach themselves new techniques, or have the seemingly everlasting endurance to stick with something. In the psychological field these are strengths which can be used to enjoy a sport, to achieve fitness goals, and to get the best out of oneself.


Many sports or fitness methods lead to a set goal, e.g. to become fitter or healthier, and often there are clear recommendations from physical education for which sport is best to reach the goal fastest. The crucial aspect, however, is the continuous participation of the athlete – sport is only fun and motivating in the long run when it fits individual goals and personal preferences. Someone who likes being the center of attention and part of a group will choose a different sport than someone who is rather introverted. Additionally, if mental weaknesses are known, i.e. the personal characteristics which can cause failure of pursuing goals completely, training can be adjusted, and motivation remains even during challenging times.



Not only in professional and recreational athletics is it important to encourage motivation and to maintain it, but also in occupational health management in order to encourage employees to engage in a healthy work- and lifestyle. An aging workforce and the lack of qualified junior employees require companies to invest more than ever in healthcare. SPORTSDRIVE psychological assessments offer valuable insight for corporate health care and medical services and suggest methods on how to motivate your workforce to live and stay healthy.



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