Recreational Sports

Everybody who participates in endurance sports is familiar with the influence the mind has over the body. However, one does not need to run a marathon or hike Mount Everest for this experience – even the continuous deteriorating goal to finally live a healthy life shows how much our mind influences our actions. With the help of SPORTSDRIVE assessments, recreational athletes encounter these challenges informed and confident; they get to know their strengths and weaknesses, learn how they will advance in their sport, and which methods are especially useful for them. Not only does it get them a few steps closer to their goal – it guides them on the right path.


The feedback of our assessments focuses explicitly on individual strengths. Too many athletes revolve around their shortcomings, which discourages them and possibly leads to even more mistakes. Individual strengths should be expanded and put in use – being aware of their strengths helps athletes to develop more confidence and to overcome their weaknesses.


Once you are aware of your strengths, you also need to be aware of your weaknesses and areas in need of improvement. Our feedback indicates the areas in which athletes can improve to reach their personal goals and gives clear suggestions for sport psychological methods or appropriate training approaches.



Knowledge from professional sports finds its way into leisure and recreational sports, and the same applies to sport psychology. Methods against choking before or during competitions, to acquire more confidence, and to reach one’s optimal performance level are well known and tested, but not only significant for professional athletes. With the assistance of SPORTSDRIVE diagnostics, relevant approaches can be selected and adapted for the average athlete to match his or her individual strengths and weaknesses. In this regard, practice becomes more professionalized through integrating sport psychology.




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