Team Sports

The foundation of permanent success as an athlete is a combination of physical ability, long-term intense training and the willingness to dedicate one’s life to sports. Only the primary discovery and selective promotion of early athletic ability secures a lasting resource of professional athletes – especially in team sports.


Until now, athletic scouting was primarily focused on technical and strategic skills, as well as physical characteristics. Yet, the prediction if these junior athletes will later become outstanding professional athletes is especially challenging for complex team sports. Some of the discovered young talented athletes shine early in their careers, while others do not demonstrate their real potential until many years of hard-work and dedication later – if they still get the chance to! Characteristics like mental strength, curiosity, team orientation, and integrity, as well as the ability to concentrate are especially important for this development.



The early assessment of success-relevant psychological characteristics makes it possible, to not only identify and promote permanently successful athletes, but also to adjust the counseling and training of these athletes. Extensive feedbacks for athletes and coaches explain how to integrate sport psychology into daily training routines and help to prepare the athlete for difficult competitions and match situations. The described methods and practice suggestions are individually adjusted to each profile and ease the access to mental training.


An athlete’s individual strength can help, in the right combination, to maximize team success. In order to achieve this, coaches must know the individuals’ mental skills as well as they know their technical or physical skills.
Our team analysis displays similarities and differences between team members, shows team characteristics, reveals groups with specific practice needs, and assists to clarify the cause of specific team behaviors in certain situations, e.g. constantly losing away games. With this knowledge, the entire team can benefit from customized mental practice sessions and will be well prepared for the season.




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