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SPORTSDRIVE makes scientific knowledge of sport psychology available for practical use.
Our assessments detect mental strengths and weaknesses specifically relevant to each sport. The athletes receive individual, extensive feedbacks with sport psychological methods and training tips, which build the foundation for goal-oriented, sustainable performance elevation leading to individual success.


As a brand of HR Diagnostics AG, the market leader of web based personnel diagnostics in Germany, we are expanding the focus from the work environment to professional and recreational sports. In the past, HR departments have often neglected personality factors and soft skills in their personnel selection and personnel development processes. Now, not only major companies and organizations take advantage of psychological assessments and interviews, which proved to be a key component to permanent success. This concept applies to athletics as well; our goal is to improve the selection and promotion of talented athletes. For this, we use and transfer our knowledge and extensive experience in test development and personnel selection to the world of sports.

Since 2004, HR Diagnostics (partly under the name SPORTSDRIVE) developed sport psychological assessments for clients in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, and the USA to select and promote Olympians, collegiate athletes, and personal trainer. Our first sport psychological assessment, the Sportbezogener Motivationstest (SMT; Sports Related Achievement Motivation Test), published in 2007, was ordered by the Swiss Federal Office of Sport for their Olympic training program. Cooperating with a large American fitness chain, we were able to adapt and transfer our knowledge of professional athletes to recreational athletes. Due to our data base of over 8000 athletes, ongoing research cooperations, and continuous development and adaptation of our assessments to sport specifics, we are capable of ensuring high quality scientific assessments.


Reliable and performance-relevant diagnostics should become standard in amateur & professional sports and health & fitness for selecting, promoting, and counseling professional and recreational athletes. The continuous sport psychological cooperation with athletes and coaches on Olympic level, qualifies us to develop selection and development tools, while permanently checking their benefits and predictive power.


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